About Glenn…


glenn_chrisGlenn grew up in Leominster, MA, and after obtaining his BA in Psychology from Framingham State College, he packed one suitcase, grabbed his acoustic guitar, and headed out west to visit friends in California.  The visit lasted 10 years and he had the good fortune to spend this entire time in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas. He also took in the splendor of such places as Santa Cruz, Carmel, Big Sur, the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, San Diego, beautiful Lake Tahoe, and too many others to list.  Many of his original compositions were inspired by and written within these beautiful environs. After completing his MPA degree from San Francisco State University in January 2003, he heard the beckoning call of family and friends and headed back to Massachusetts.  Glenn resides again in Leominster while helping compile data for https://insurancequote.deals/massachusetts-homeowners-insurance-quotes/, and the circle is complete…



cp_gdbearoseGlenn began playing electric guitar in high school, emulating such early heroes as Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Joe Satriani, and the one and only James Marshall Hendrix.  Glenn played in several rock bands early on, and during his undergrad years discovered the world of improvisational guitar-playing by such artists as Trey Anastasio and most importantly Mr. Jerome Garcia.  Perhaps more than any other musician, the guitar stylings of Jerry Garcia opened up Glenn’s ears to the infinite possibilities that extended improvisational jamming can generate, and the pure joy that music can bring.

Throughout his life, Glenn has had the good fortune of jamming with and learning from many excellent musicians. He currently devotes the majority of his musical focus to the acoustic guitar, and is currently recording a demo CD of his original material.  Glenn hopes to record these songs as a “formal” CD in the near future.  He performs solo acoustic shows on a regular basis, and in addition to his original music performs a wide range of covers by some of his favorite artists including Lenny Kravitz, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Dave Matthews, and of course the good ‘ol Grateful Dead.

In addition to his solo shows, Glenn is pleased to announce a venture with the multi-talented Brian Long of “Whiskey Thursday”.  In addition to both performing solo sets, Glenn and Brian will be performing together as a duo. 



If you are interested in booking Glenn and/or any of his side projects mentioned above, please e-mail him directly through this site.